Personal Branding & Messaging for Entrepreneurs

    • Who are primarily people of color

    • Who are selling to corporate markets

    • Who want marketing & networking results

DarkFire Photography™ Synergy

DarkFire Photography™ was started by an entrepreneur with years of experience in both startups and as an executive running a $20M P&L Operation at Motorola Japan. This combination of experience sets us apart from other photographers, consultants, and designers. Our passion is kick-starting your revenue growth with tools, messaging, mentoring, and know-how.

The Basic Four Products

Our approach starts with powerful Cinematic Headshots» to establish your personal brand. We work with you to tie your headshot together with your core Messaging-for-success» that can connect you with decision-makers and forms the basic sales collateral you'll need for networking and leveraging your growth: business cards, 4x6 message flyer, and brochure.

Next, we interview you on camera about your background, experience, interests, and offering, then pare that down to three 5-minute segments of your first Introductory Video Interview» for YouTube which highlights the key points any decision maker needs to know about you and your new business.

For entrepreneurs who want to Master the Sales-Marketing Funnel» and become more productive in turning corporate leads into paying business, we work closely with you to tailor specific collateral and strategies for each stage of the Funnel so that you can know where your prospects are at in the sales process, what your prospects need there, and how to get them to the next level and close.

Branding and messaging synergy is key for entrepreneurs

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