About me


I love photography .... and computer technology, and business entrepreneurs and their startups.

After having done software engineering (complex realtime multitask embedded control systems) for a number of years in Japan, I became the director of the Embedded Technology Products Operation at Motorola in Japan for five years.

The Operation was a full P&L-responsibility with $20m annual sales and about 20 employees. It was here I first began honing the concepts of treating the layers of the Sales-Marketing Funnel like a manufacturing operation and proved that could work in our operation.

After returning to the US, I worked with Motorola Computer Group in Phoenix, doing sales, market research, and strategy.

In San Francisco, I worked with a Venture Accelerator which also used similar concepts of the expanded Funnel and called it "The Ps". I worked with other ventures helping them to expand themselves operationally.

Along the way, I've started about three of my own businesses.

I've done photography for a number of years: my passions include photographing people, nature-scapes, urban-scapes, objects, and a style I call "bi-chromatic".

I love to travel. I speak English, Japanese fluently, and conversational Swahili.