Introduce your compelling story with a video interview

DarkFire Photography™ unlocks your authenticity and unleashes your power.

What is an Introductory Video Interview?

We sit down with you for an on-camera 30-minute video interview asking you questions about your background, experience, interests, and your startup business offering. This gives you the opportunity to comfortably tell about yourself in a normal conversational setting. We'll guide you with questions and dialog to help you get your story out.

Later, we then pare that down to two or three 5-minute segments of your first Introductory Video Interview for YouTube which highlights the key points any decision maker needs to know about you and your new business. Much of our paring down is to grab the interesting parts of your story and highlight them, removing redundant or off-topic portions.

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It's at this point that our difference from other videographers is important: As a former corporate decision-maker, we know the questions to ask, the information needed, and what's necessary to peak the interest of the decision-maker. We edit the video to communicate that information to your target audience. Others might have fancy filming and technique, but our basics focus on clearly communicating your story -- told in your own words -- to your target buying clients. The purpose is to move your sales process forward, not to win awards.

This provides an effective outreach tool, backup information for potential clients, and the start of you feeling comfortable in YouTube segments.

Do you have a sample?

What's in the box?

    • Planning session: we'll chat briefly by video call to outline how you should prepare for the interview and who you think is your target buyer.

    • Filming session: we'll come to your place, set up lights, camera, microphone and then Action! we begin the interview. Usually beginning to end takes about 90 minutes including setup.

    • Editing: It takes about an hour or two per each minute of final running time to prepare your video. The two or three segments correspond to: your background, why you're unique for your venture, and how your service or product benefits your typical customer. You'll see one or two drafts of each segment, and your comments or feedback will be considered, although we'll make the final decision for each video.

    • Delivery: We'll provide you with completed video segments ready to be posted to YouTube. You can also share YouTube management access with us and we can then post directly to YouTube.

What's the price?

We have a special offer* running until the end of April 2020 (see chart below).

Note: A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the fee is due at the time of booking a video interview. The balance of the fee is due the day of the interview before recording begins.


  1. $50 discount from above fees for confirmed referrals from an existing DarkFire Photography client for first-time DarkFire Photography clients.

  2. Returning clients can re-do their interviews at the 'returning client' rate extant when they originally booked with us.

  3. The number of segments will depend upon the amount of incisive material from the interview.

  4. Each segment will have a title, subtitle, and closing credits. Different scenes will probably have scene titles.

  5. The interviewer's questions will usually be edited out and not in the final videos.

What's the preparation?

  1. Setup a Planning Session with us.

    1. Book your video recording with us by arranging a date and paying your deposit. We prefer payment by Google Pay (which only takes 5 minutes to set up with your bank card), but can also accept via PayPal.

  2. Print out the Talent Release: Permission for Photography» form, fill it out, sign it and have two witnesses sign it. Then scan it and email back to us. This must be received 48 hours prior to your scheduled video interview; if not, then your interview WILL BE CANCELLED and must be RESCHEDULED.

  3. Find a suitable room with a plain wall, electric outlets, and quiet. We will set up our equipment there and film you sitting (stool or chair) about 5 ft away from the wall.

  4. Day of the Interview: make sure you've arranged with someone to help you with your hair and makeup. You should be dressed professionally and comfortably wearing simple or no patterns and darker colors which complement your complexion.

  5. Day of the Interview: our crew will need access at least an hour prior to the scheduled interview time for setup and equipment checking.

Anything else?

  1. Want to know about all of our products? Click here on Products» to see a list of all of our product offerings.

  2. Want to know more about the different legal forms we use? Click here to see the Explanation of Standard Legal Forms».

  3. Email us if you have anymore questions: